Pastor and Misc:
March 8, 1838
William Harris of Upper Darby
Mary Ann Mifflin of Phila
Rev. Mr. Chambers
March 1838
Stephen S. Davis of Radnor
Mary Smith of Pottstown
Alderman Binns
March 29, 1838
Jonathan Richards of Haverford
Margaret Caley of Newtown
John Swift, Mayor of Phila
March 15, 1838
Firman Borden of Pottsville
Priscilla C. Levis of Del. Co
John Swift, Mayor of Phila
June 5, 1838
John Noble of Ridley
Eliza Morton of Ridley
Wm. Martin Esq. at residence of Aaron Morton
July 19, 1838
Ebenzer R. Curtis of Springfield
Elizabeth M. Moore of Springfield
John Swift, Mayor of Phila
September 27, 1838
Jesse D. Bunting of Darby
Lucy H. Antrim of Darby
John Swift, Mayor of Phila
November 21, 1838
Henry W. Brown
Ann Eliza Trites, only daughter of John
Rev. Mr. Brinkley
November 29, 1838
Charles Shillingford of Springfield
Sarah Ann Caldwell of Springfield
Elder Robert Compton in West Phila
December 15, 1838
Preston Harper of Springfield
Mrs. Priscilla Morton of Ridley
Elder Robert Compton in West Phila
December 16, 1838
Elijah Ballard of Chester
Mary Murray of Chester
Benjamin F. Johnston Esq.
January 10, 1839
Thomas J. Bodley of Radnor
Mary Ann Harrison of Radnor
Abner Lewis Esq.
January 30, 1839
William Wood of Upper Chichester
Mary Lynem of Upper Chichester
Benjamin F. Johnston Esq. near Marcus Hook
Febuary 27, 1839
Maurice W. Deshong
Rachel Kirk
Rev. James Hardenburg in Phila
October 3, 1839
Walker Y. Hoopes of Del. Co.
Hannah G. Eachus of Del. Co.
Mayor Isaac Roach of Phila at the Mansion House
December 19, 1839
Joseph W. Worrell
Catherine S. Palmer
Rev. Stockton in Phila
December 28, 1839
Henry P. Bonsall
Rebecca M. Brown
Rev. Stockton in Phila
January 5, 1840
Evans E. Russell
Mary G. Lloyd of Darby Twp.
Rev. James Woolsey
Febuary 20, 1840
Thomas Davis of Radnor
Catherine Baker of Newtown
May 14, 1840
Samuel A. Barton M.D. of Aston
Ruth A. Landreth of Phila
Rev. J. Kennady in Phila
May 21, 1840
Davis Sill of Haverford
Sarah Ann Levis of Springfield
Samuel Rush, Recorder
September 17, 1840
James Rhoads
Alice Sellers of Upper Darby
October 1, 1840
Joseph Slawter
Rebecca Brooks, daughter of Daniel
Samuel Rush, Recorder
October 1, 1840
James A. Malin of Upper Providence
Ann Cowan of Upper Providence
October 22, 1840
John Colflesh of Phila
Elzabeth A. Hall of Newtown
Rev. David Rigler
October 26, 1840
William Wright of Phila
Ellen E. Morton of Springfield
John Swift, Mayor of Phila
October 29, 1840
Amor Porter of Aston
Elizabeth Powers of Aston
Rev. Cooper
December 2, 1840
C. F. Hepfield Jr.
Ellen P. Newton of Springfield
Rev. Tolbert at Chester
December 17, 1840
John J. Hoopes of Middletown
Elizabeth Lodge of Middletown
John Swift, Mayor of Phila
December 17, 1840
Mordecai D. Cornog of Tredffyren
Sophia P. Curl of Newtown
Rev. Keyes of the Great Valley
December 24, 1840
William Martin
Mary Ann Ward of Ridley
Elder Frederick Plummer
January 7, 1841
William Garrett
Rachel G. Sellers of Upper Darby
Upper Darby Friends Meeting House
January 24, 1841
Edward Ingram of Darby
Catherine P. Brown of Darby
Rev. Coombs in Phila
January 26, 1841
George P. Snyder of Darby
Elizabeth B. Warrington of Phila
Elder Frederick Plummer
Febuary 24, 1841
Wm. Booth of Upper Chichester
Elizabeth Broomall of Upper Chichester
George W. Bartram Esq.
March 18, 1841
Eli Matlock of Radnor
Rebecca Thomas of Upper Chichester
Benjamin F. Johnson Esq.
March 11, 1841
William E. P. Rawley of Manayunk
Naomi W. Lobb of Upper Darby
home of John Swift, Mayor of Phila by Alderman Griscom
March 11, 1841
Henry B. Evans of West Chester
Jane Darlington
Rev. G. T. Bedell
March 11, 1841
John Little of Marple
Mary Ann V. C. Heywood of Darby
Rev. Brinkly of Kingsessing
March 23, 1841
William A. Murdock of Darby
Hannah W. Smith of Kingsessing
Rev. Brinkly
March 25, 1841
Stephen Plye
Phoebe Sivell
Rev. T. S. Burrows
March 24, 1841
Peter C. Erbein of Manyunck
Mary Davis of Radnor
residence of Mrs. Ann Siter by Rev. Horatio Gates Jones
April 11, 1841
Samuel Selby of Philadelphia
Elizabeth Orry of Providence
Rev. John edwards in Chester
May 5, 1841
John Cloak of Smyrna
Sarah Louise Riner of Chester
Rev. W. H. Odenheimer of St. Peter's Church, Phila
April 26, 1841
Samuel Caley, Jr of Newtown
Lucy C. Hickman of Westtown
Mayor John Swift of Phila
June 10, 1841
Thomas Forsythe of Lower Chichester
Sarah Fennell of Lower Chichester
Rev. Torbert
June 24, 1841
Joseph Levis Worrall of Radnor
Susannah Garrett of Radnor
Rev. H. G. Jones
June 5, 1841
Ezekiel Johnson of Quarryville, DE
Letitia Cassiday of Quarryville, DE
Benjamin Johnson, Esq of Lower Chichester
June 24, 1841
John Neal
Zemah Baldwin
Rev. T. Sumnton
September 9, 1841
John W. Lawrence
Martha H. Holland of Phila
Alderman Cook
Sept 23, 1841
Nelson Clayton of New Castle, DE
Sarah Ann Booth of New Castle, DE
Rev. I. J. Cooper of Marcus Hook
September 30, 1841
Levi Gade
Mary Pyott of Springfield
Elder W. F. Thomas
October 7, 1841
Charles Johnson of Chester Twp
Mariah Gray of Chester Twp
Rev. Thomas Sumption
Noverber 21, 1841
Henry Glover, Brandywine Hundred
Elizabeth Hall of Chester Twp
Benjamin F. Johnson, Esq.
December 10, 1841
Robert Blythe of Darby
Martha B. Carver of Darby
Rev. Grant of Phila
December 23, 1841
Joel Sharpless of Middletown
Hannah M. Minshall of Middletown
Rev. John Miller
December 23, 1841
Evan Lowie
Martha McDerman
Rev. J. M. Hobart
January 20, 1842
Frederick F, Walter of Aston
Esther H. Grisell of Aston
home of M.W. Deshong in Chester by Alderman Bartran
January 6, 1842
George L. Smith of Chester County
Sarah Lavlat of Chester County
Mr. Park
February 4, 1842
Rev. Marcus K. Cross
Catharine W. Knowles
home of G. Knowles near Darby by Rev. Grant of Phila
February 10, 1842
Elisha F. Horne
Mary Amande King of Glorscester Co
Mayor Scott
March 17, 1842
James M. Hall of Darby
Mary S. Norris of Darby
Elder Frederick Plummer
February 22, 1842
John S. Worrell
Elizabeth B. Sill
Robert Carr, Esq.
April 12, 1842
Richard M. Harrison of Mississippi
Susan M. Edwards of Chester
Rev. G. W. Ridgely
April 12, 1842
G. H. Heep, Esq of Tunis
Evelina C. Porter
Rev. G. W. Ridgely
April 2, 1842
Daniel Seelman of Gr Egg Harbor, NJ
Anna Catherine Taylor
Jordan D. Bitting Esq
April 25, 1842
Capt Thomas Robison
Mrs. Sarah Ann Crosby
Rev. G. W. Ridgely
April 28, 1842
Paxon Price of East Bradford
Jane Jackson of Darby
at Friends Meeting, Darby
May 20, 1842
Reuben P. Wollens of Marcus Hook
Sarah Carter of Marcus Hook
Rev. Daily
June 20, 1842
Arthur Bingham of New York
Jane M'Kibbin of Lower Chichester
Rev. G. W. Ridgely
June 15, 1842
Thomas G. Locke of Marcus Hook
Sarah Baker of Marcus Hook
Reb. Dailey
August 18, 1842
George Thompson of Brandywine
Sarah Ann Prince of Del County
Reb. M. R. Talbot, Chaplain U.S. Navy@Chester
September 7, 1842
Joseph P. Plye of Lower Chichester
Mary B. Toy of Lower Chichester
Mayor Scott of Philadelpia
September 24, 1842
William Russell Jr. of Darby Village
Adaline G. Russell of Darby Village
Philip Sipler, Esq.
September 22, 1842
Samuel Glayton of Baltimore
Lydia Ireland of New Jersey
George W. Bartram, Esq., Chester
September 29, 1842
James M. Kirk of West Chester
Mary Melinda Entriken
Rev. Joseph Walker
October 13, 1842
Samuel R. Hall of Aston
Lydia Palmer of Concord
Nimrod strickland, Esq
October 6,1842
Richard M. Frame of West Chester
Hannah H. Zell of Haverford
Rev. H. G. King
February 9, 1843
William Thomas of Darby
Naomi Snyder of Darby
Elder Frederick Plummer
February 14, 1843
Dr. John H. Marsh of Concord
Susan Engle of Chester
Rev. Mr. Ridgley in Chester

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