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1875 Atlas

1892 Atlas

Plate 17 Darby, Colwyn, Yeadon, Collingdale, Sharon Hill 1928

Plate 21 Colwyn, Sharon Hill, Darby Twp. 1928

Part of Boros of Darby, Colwyn and Sharon Hill 1929

Plate 115 Darby and Colwyn Boros Main St and 4th St. 1955


Census Records:

Directory Records:

Darby- Colwyn Directory 1902

Tax Records:
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Date Newspaper Articles
1892-01-16 Colwyn New Post Office Name
1915-12-22 Colwyn Race Relations

Colwyn Pa. Colwyn Public School c.1908 pcp
Colwyn Pa. Firemen Parade July 4th 1908 pc
Colwyn Pa. Street snow scene unk. 1907 pcp

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