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The Link below is a searchable data base for Philadelphia Architects who did work in Delaware County Pa.

Philadelphia Architects & Buildings



New and Noteworthy Delaware County History Books and Dvds

    This link is to let everyone know what new books and booklets that are out, dealing with Delaware County history. If you would like to make people aware of any new books please let me know. 

Haverford Township police officer, Matt Hufnal has written a new book,"Hallissey" about the making of the first police chief in Haverford and the problems that were involved. It was not easy creating and running a police department 100 years ago!! The book which just came out in late August 2018 is available on Amazon. Click on Amazon to go to the link to purchase the book.

 This month, July, 2018, a book on growing up in Chester during WW2 is just out. "5 Stars" by

David Komarnicki is out and available from Amazon. People who have read it, love it!! Check face book !

  April, 2017 is another Arcadia Book, "The Williamson College of the Trades" , all about the great history of that Delco institution. The book is by Andrew Miller who teaches history at Neumann College.

   Just in time for Christmas 2016, Ed Stewart has published,"Slacker" the story of Grover Bergdoll whose well to do family lived in Delaware County. Bergdoll fled to Germany during the First World War rather than be drafted. The story caused national head lines in the day. Read this well done book about a family crisis and what happend to them.

   Another new book is out this Spring, 2016"Immortal of the Cinder Path" the story of James 'Ted" Meredith by Jack Lemon. Meredith a Delco native set two world and Olympic records in Stockholm, Sweden. The book is by Jack Lemon from Media class of 1964. Click on the link above to order the book and for more information.

           Delaware County Historical Events,Lectures, Meetings Etc.

The page as it states is to announce upcoming meetings, lectures and historical events throughout Delaware County. If your group is planning something special, or just a meeting, please pass the information on to me and it will be posted on this new page. E-mail

Delaware County Trolleys and Transportation

    Stan Bowman of Chester County was born and raised in Delaware County and began taking pictures of trolleys in his teens. In the past 50 odd years he has amassed the largest collection of trolley pictures and information around. Stan has been kind enough to share some of his pictures and information with my site and over the next month or so, maps, pictures and information will be added about all the trolley routes and companies that once operated in Delaware County.

Delaware County Mills

  A new mill page has been created, to go to it, click the link above. It features the 1826 mill survey, the report of the 1843 flood and a rare mill map for the entire county also from 1843. More will be added to this site in the next few months.

Delaware County Covered Bridges

One of my pet projects for a number of years is Delaware County covered bridges. I have been researching when they were built, where etc. I made a google map with locations, pictures of before and the site today. In a number of cases ruins could still be seen. I still have a few more bridges to add, but click on the above link to see what I have done. I'm indebted to Celia Caust-Ellenbogen of Friends Library in Swarthmore for guiding me thru google maps.

Delaware County Newspapers

This page has been opened for Delaware County Newspapers. The link for the Chester Times to search it, is now here. The good news after numerous scanning and experimenting the first year of the Morton Chronicle from 1880-1881 is now on the site and can be searched. More years will be added next week most from my personal collection. It has taken allot longer than I thought to do this but it will be well worth it. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Delaware County Realty News

The Delaware County Realty News was a column first published in the Chester Times in April of 1912. It was a weekly column that talked of new buildings, developers, architects etc. Even building permits etc. Take a look!

WPA Delaware County Historic Sites Survey 1936

In 1936 the W.P.A. did a historic Site Survey of Delaware County by township. They put basic info down only and NEVER used addresses only approximate locations. I have begun to update it by adding addresses, taking pictures and correcting some wrong information. Please have a look.