This page will be devoted to Delaware County Books and booklets that are about the geral history of the county. Many books are not specfic to one township or boro and those books will be found here.

Catholicity in Delaware County 1918

This privately published book gives a brief history and has some pictures of all the catholic churches in Delaware County up to that time.

Third Annual Show of  the Delaware County Poultry Association in Media 1917

The title says it all

The 150th Anniversary booklet of Delaware County 1939

Chamber of Commerce Booklet January 1936

Chamber of Commerce Booklet Febuary 1936

Delaware County Business Directories

The first Directory for Delaware County was published in 1859 for Chester City. Chester City would have Directories almost every year from then till 1959. The 1859 Directory of Chester City has just been added. In 1870 and 1872 Business Directories were first published for Delaware County both of these directories are on this site under each township web page. Please note only businesses that paid to be put in the directory were listed. Many businesses did not feel the need to advertise. In 1897 and again in 1902, Boyd's Directory of Delaware County included a business directory for the entire county. These Directories are on this site under the township and Borough web page. County wide directories have separate links and can be viewed below under a separate heading.

Delaware County Business Directory for 1889

This annual Business Review published by the Review Publishing Co. of Philadelphia in 1889 is quite rare. This PDF was done from a copy. Indexed by town and business this directory is especially important for the detail it gives to many Delaware County businesses. It can be viewed by clicking the above link.

Business Directory of Delaware Co for 1893 95

This directory published in 1893 by then upcoming Ridley Park Lawyer, Thomas O. Haydock was interesting because he also included a list of Delaware County Farmers at the end of his booklet. You can view the directory by clicking the link above.

Farmers of Delaware County 1902

 This list of Delaware County farmers is from Boyd's Business Directory of 1902. This includes names, size in acres and location. It also includes owners from outside the county. Many of the farms are quite small. W. P. Anthony of Ridley Park is included here. The size of his lot is less than a 1/4 acre. What the criteria was to make this farmers list is unknown. Still it is a valuable tool. The list can be viewed by clicking the link above.

Farm and Business Directory for Delaware County 1914

This book published in 1914 by Wilmer Atkinson and Co. of Philadelphia is a treasure trove of information. The directory features all the major businesses in the county but addresses and occupations for hundreds of people. It is on line for the first time and can be reached by clicking the link above.

Delaware County Farm Directory 1949

Remember 1949 when there were over 800 farms with an average of 50 acres?

Take a look this rare booklet, it lists them all!


Post Offices of Delaware County

The first problem in doing research in Delaware County is finding where ones ancestors lived, which is not always an easy task. Towns such as Oakview, Adele, Howellville, Ridleyville have long faded from memory. All of these towns had post offices at one time, many other small towns did not. I hope to begin to put together a list of Delaware County place names on this site to help researchers. Anyone who would like to add a name or ask a question about one please e-mail me. The above link is a list of all the post offices that once existed in Delaware County.

Delaware County Dairies

Delaware County Dairies

Can you help??? Delaware County had many local dairies that supplied milk to local families from the 1890's to the 1940's. Almost no information is known about them. This list above was complied by the Delaware County Institute of Science. I'm looking for information and pictures. Names, locations, owners, acres when started and ended, bought out by who etc.

Any information or pictures that anyone can help me with would be great!Email me at



Looking for that hard to find Delaware County history book? Well your prayers have been answered,

try this link
History of Delaware County by George Smith - Purchase this book
History of Delaware County by Henry G. Ashmead - Purchase this book
Cyclopedia of Delaware County by Samuel Wiley - Purchase this book
Chester and Its Vicinity Delaware County by John Hill Martin - Purchase this book
History of Delaware County by John W. Jordan - Purchase this book

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